The ChatterBox Crew Social Enterprise is a not for profit company dedicated to recruiting, training, employing, and mentoring young people, particularly those who may experience some form of disadvantage and/or disability.


The ChatterBox Crew will partner with Local Government organisations to recruit, employ, and train local young people to plan and undertake face to face community engagement. This would be done by tapping into Council run festivals and events and training young people to undertake  satisfaction surveying/exit polling.

A Pathway to Employment

The ChatterBox Crew Social Enterprise will be an employment pathway for young people into the community engagement sector and provide experience working directly with ChatterBox Projects and alongside Local Government

All participating young people will be paid while undertaking training and working for the ChatterBox Crew.

Working together

The ChatterBox Crew is seeking to partner with Local Governments across Victoria who would like to offer young people an opportunity to be employed, trained, and mentored to become community engagement consultants.

The ChatterBox Crew Lead will work closely with appropriate Council representatives around advertising and recruiting local young people.   


Upon successful completion of the ChatterBox Crew training modules, the young people will have the opportunity to work with ChatterBox Projects or undertake an internship with a range of partners.