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How is the final Panel selected?


Independent consultants ChatterBox Projects is responsible for managing the selection process. Council will not be involved and will not know who has been selected until the day of the first Panel workshop.


The Panel will be selected to represent the broader make-up of the Whitehorse Community in terms of age, gender and the suburb where people live. For example, 10% of Whitehorse’s population lives in Mitcham, so ideally 10% of Panel members will be from Mitcham.


The selection process involves:

  1. All expressions of interest being made anonymous.

  2. Expressions of interest being stratified – sorted into age groups, gender and suburb categories.

  3. The required number of people from each age, gender and suburb category will be randomly selected.

  4. The list being reviewed and efforts made to achieve a mix of people from different cultural backgrounds to reflect the Whitehorse community.


The successful applicants will then be identified and invited to join the Panel

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How is the final Panel selected? (this page)

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