A little video about the Watsonia Pop-Up Park, a place making project undertaken by ChatterBox Projects on behalf of Banyule City Council.

Check out this video which was produced by Moonee Valley Council on our work with them on the MV2040 Project.

A great partnership between Moonee Valley Council, ChatterBox Projects and Activate Consulting with some great community engagement.

The future of your cemeteries - Engaging on tricky topics

The client: The Greater Metropolitan Cemeteries Trust


The task: Develop and deliver an engagement plan to seek feedback on the role cemeteries play in people’s lives and how people felt about cemeteries being better utilised by the community for events and activities. The engagement also involved recruiting for a cemeteries community voice panel.


The challenge: Generating interest in the topic and creating a space where people felt comfortable to talk about cemeteries and end of life.


The delivery: The Chatterbox was used at a community event held near the Fawkner cemetery. A range of creative and visual tools were used to attract people to the space and create a light-hearted environment to start a conversation about this topic. This included a large Chatboard where people could write their answer to the question “Before I die I want to…..’ This got people thinking about the fun things on their bucket list and provided a great conversation starter.  


Other tools like voting pods and dotmocracy with visuals were also used to keep the engagement interactive and inclusive for a diverse and multicultural community.


The outcome: in just one engagement session we spoke to 80 people, had 48 surveys completed, 97 people participate in the dotmocracy activity, 49 people told us what they wanted to do before they die, 151 people participated in the voting pod activity and 13 people signed up to the cemetery’s community voice panel.

Reimagining Stony Creek - Placemaking

The client: Melbourne Water


The task: Develop and deliver an engagement plan to seek feedback and ideas to inform the design of the re-imaged Stony Creek at Sunshine Hospital.


The challenge: Inspiring people to imagine how Stony Creek could be transformed given the space was run-down, underutilised, inaccessible, overgrown and perceived to be unsafe. Also engaging with a diverse range of stakeholders including residents, children, sporting groups, hospital patients and staff.


The delivery: The ChatterBox was used at a range of place-based pop-up and pop-in sessions including in the hospital, at the near-by sporting ground and on site at the creek with organised and promoted school and community sessions.


The school workshops were specifically designed for children and included innovative activities like an interactive tour of the creek with an artist – the Wizard Sim Sala Bim; and drawing their ‘Big Ideas’.


The outcome: At the engagement sessions a lot of interest and excitement was generated about the project. We spoke to around 400 people; 175 surveys were filled in with 1,785 ideas submitted.

Watsonia Pop-Up Park – Events and activation

The client: Banyule City Council

Watch the pop-up park video here.


The task: Plan, establish and test a trial pop-up park on a street within the Watsonia shopping strip including community events and activities.


The challenge: Getting buy-in and ownership for the park from traders and the community and working with residents who could be impacted by the project.


The delivery: The ChatterBox team built relationships and consulted with all key stakeholders to get input into the pop-up park and to identify any issues or pain points.


A pop-up park working group was established and given ownership and decision-making power over the project. ChatterBox facilitated the group, who worked together to develop a program of park events, activities, and maintenance. 


The outcome: The trial pop-up park operated successfully for 4 weeks and involved a range of special events and activities in collaboration with local businesses, schools, community groups and residents including yoga, tree planting, storytime sessions, a Neighbours Night Out event and a traditional afternoon tea. 

MV2040 - Community visioning
MV Festival (56).JPG
Riverside Track Aberfeldie (10).JPG
MV Festival (52).JPG

The client: Moonee Valley City Council 

Watch the MVCC video about this exciting project


The task: Develop and deliver a place-based engagement program to inform a neighbourhood-based long-term community vision and plan.


The challenge: Designing an engagement program that created interest in the vision and long-term plan (including with staff) and obtaining input across all 13 neighbourhoods.


The delivery: The ChatterBox team hit the streets in Moonee Valley, undertaking 29 place-based pop-ups using the ChatterBoxes across 13 neighbourhoods over 35 days!


Unique details and stats about each neighbourhood were produced in large format to help get relevant conversations started with each community. Staff were scheduled to attend each session and provided with on-the-job engagement training.    


The outcome: At the pop-ups we heard over 1,300 ideas from the community, 959 surveys were completed, and an additional 1,241 surveys were distributed for the community to complete at home.


An internal evaluation survey indicated that the majority of staff who participated felt positive about the engagement process, 78% agreed that the process would lead to better community outcomes, and 87% thought having staff at the pop-ups was beneficial.


The project also received a ‘commendation’ in the 2017 Planning Institute of Australia Awards for Excellence, ‘Public Engagement and Community Planning’ category in partnership with Moonee Valley Council and Harvest Digital.


Project delivered with partner Activate Consulting