Pop-Up Engagement Trailer

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Pop-Up 3-Bentleigh Festival -Credit Chat
ChatterBox Projects Place-Based Pop-Up Engagement Platform

We now have four custom-built mobile pop-up engagement trailers that has been designed to take creative, fun and inclusive engagement to the community and to where people are.


It is perfect for intercepting people in busy locations (both outside and indoors) and connecting with the silent majority or even targeting specific or hard to reach groups.


There are four engagement trailers in the fleet for outdoor locations – perfect for parks, shopping strips, markets and outdoor events. There is also a purpose built indoor ChatterBox that can be set up indoors like shopping centres, libraries, leisure centres and indoor events.


Engagement Tools and equipment


Each engagement trailer comes equipped  with a range of engagement tools and equipment including:

  • tables

  • stools/chairs

  • children's tables and chairs

  • giant chatboards

  • voting pods

  • dotmocracy boards

  • big idea speech bubbles

  • information display boards and A-frames

  • Covid safe signage

  • clip boards for hard copy surveys

  • props and costumes (to help people/ children think outside the box and use their imagination)


We can also develop specific methods and tools to meet the objectives and requirements of each project.


The ChatterBoxes also come with furniture to create an inviting and comfortable space for people to engage in conversation and provide feedback. This includes chairs and tables for adults and children and outdoor umbrellas.


Have your own pop-up engagement trailer


Due to ChatterBox Projects owning the IP for this type of pop-up engagement trailer, we are able to develop a pop-up engagement trailer with your organisation or project’s branding for the short, medium or long term. 

There are a range of options available including purchasing a trailer outright and paying an annual licence fee, leasing an engagement trailer on a short or long terms basis  or you can even have ChatterBox Projects fully managae the trailer on your behalf including storage, maintenance, insurance and support staff if required.


If you are interested in having a pop-up trailer branded for your organisation or project, on a short or long-term basis please contact us for further information.