What will the Panel experience be like?

The Community Panel is an exciting, in-depth process, where the knowledge, views and experiences of Whitehorse community members are drawn together to shape Whitehorse’s future.


It’s much more than your usual community workshop, with Panel members in the driving seat, making the decisions and setting the direction.


Panel members will be a mix of everyday people who live or run a business in Whitehorse. There will be people of different ages, backgrounds, skills and experiences. Importantly – simply living or operating a business in Whitehorse, and the desire to be genuinely involved, is all the experience and knowledge you need.


Together you will listen to presentations, ask questions of experts and discuss key issues and topics. You will also share your knowledge and insights about Whitehorse, and listen to the experiences of others.


Your work together will be supported by independent facilitators, who will make sure the process is focussed, interactive, fair and equitable. We aim to provide an enjoyable experience for everyone.


It is an exciting opportunity to meet new people, learn more about where you live and be part of creating the future vision for the City of Whitehorse.

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What is the Community Panel?


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