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What is the Community Panel?

The Whitehorse 2040 Community Panel is a group of up to 50 community members who will work as a team to consider research, information and community feedback and use it to develop the Whitehorse 2040 Community Vision.


This process is designed to put the community at the centre of creating its own vision for Whitehorse’s future. Each Council in Victoria is now required by the state government to support its community to create a Vision.


The Whitehorse 2040 Community Vision will be a key guiding document and inform Council’s four-year strategic plan and budget as well as other Council strategies and plans.


It is anticipated that organisations, service providers and community groups operating in Whitehorse will also consider how they can help work towards the Vision. And all community members can also play a role.


This is an exciting opportunity to play a pivotal role in the development of the first ever community vision for Whitehorse. No special knowledge or experience is needed, just a desire to be genuinely involved and a commitment to attend all the sessions.

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