What will the Panel do?


The Community Panel will be asked to answer this question:


‘Imagine Whitehorse in 20 years’ time. What do you hope our community will be like, and what do we need to prioritise to get there?


The Panel will meet four times (a total period of three full days), supported by professional, independent facilitators from ChatterBox Projects.


In this time the Panel will consider:

  • Research about the City of Whitehorse and its community

  • Presentations from experts and key groups within the community

  • Community feedback from Council’s broad and extensive engagement (June – December 2020)


With plenty of time for group discussion, considering of diverse viewpoints and prioritising, the Panel will be supported to write the Whitehorse 2040 Community Vision statement and priorities.


The sessions will be carefully facilitated to make sure the views of all participants are heard and valued.

Whitehorse 2040 Community Vision (Home page)

What is the Community Panel?


What will the panel do? (this page)


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Who is eligible to be on the Panel?

When will the Panel meet and what is the time commitment?

How is the final Panel selected?

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