Who is eligible to be on the Panel?


Anyone aged 16 years or over who lives in Whitehorse, or owns or operates a business in Whitehorse, is eligible.


No special skills or prior knowledge is needed – just a positive attitude and a willingness to consider the diverse views and needs of your community.


However, some people are ineligible, including:

  • City of Whitehorse Councillors and their immediate family members.

       Please note: this will apply to all Councillors elected to Whitehorse City Council at the upcoming October 2020         

       General Election. If you are nominating, or an immediate family member of someone nominating as a candidate     

       for the Whitehorse City Council October 2020 Election, please consider submitting an EOI after the outcome of the

       election to ensure you are eligible.

  • City of Whitehorse staff and their immediate family members


If you wish to be considered, you will also need to be available to attend all four Panel workshops.


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Who is eligible to be on the Panel? (this page)

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